The Women

What is your number ?

What is your number ? Everybody loved at least once , some more than once and some only had the illusion of what love looks like . We all know that we are egotistical assholes and like to pretend that we don't have feelings , but in the end we're just hiding our true feelings… Continue reading What is your number ?

A Teenage Story

Is this the end ?

Esti un inger trimis pe pamant pentru a da scop oamenilor care sunt pierduti in abis . Un abis care decide unde merg . Merg fie sus sau jos . Dar esti acolo sa le spui ca indiferent ce ai facut sa mergi unde iti este locul , ai demonstrat ca esti si om bun… Continue reading Is this the end ?

A Teenage Story


Enchant the stars and enjoy every one of them, admire it, give it a name! Tomorrow will not be there, take advantage of this wonderful evening to admire them, count them. Maybe it's trivial or useless, but as you should admire the stars so you should do with the people around you. Every man is… Continue reading Stars