The Women

I Really Think I’m The Devil

I Really Think I’m The Devil

I really think I’m the devil 👿 ! I’ve done so many shit in my life that made me feel invincible . And now that I think about it I actually am untouchable.

Everyone crosses the streets illegally , buys some weed or coke , fuck a hooker sometimes, but the things I do make the Penal Code a dress code .

I mean I literally fuck 3 to 4 women a week . Some of them are payed , some of them are someone’s wifes and some of them are just 18 year old . Someone’s daughters .

I drink all day , I used to smoke weed but it just got boring and now zi do coke every chance I get . I love buying expensive wine bootles at strip clubs and not opening them so the strippers dance for the tip and sucking my dick after the courtain is closed .

I have money to spend on shit I find entertaining like this website . My own Coffee House & Flower Shop .

Having a credit line at clubs just to reserve a table and spend money without even showing up . Buying cars for money and selling then for boredom .

Drinking all day from morning till night . I literally went to the hospital after being in a 3 day coma with my tongue so swollen that I could only eat smoties .

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