The Women

The Poem


There was a time

When you and me

Kissed so thoughtlessly

that this poem cannot be

Should not be

And yet therefore

We stand alone

Looking outside our door

Thinking that once that day comes
You will smile and I shall say

Grab my hand and don`t let go

Show me how to feel once more
the unknown that took me places ,

were only the dark rested

Waiting for me to fall

In an arm that wants one thing

My soul .

Once my heart was yours to have
You played it like a queen of hearts

Dark inside but full of trust

So high and mighty that no one can touch .

But please , tell me one single thing

what is it like again to be !

Loved and free from thoughts and care

When you took and stopped that flare

But you are cruel ,

Cunning and mean .

My love for you was just a dream !

And as we`re we

Short and wise , me on one side you just waiting for my decline

I`m gonna end this with one single fuck

Make me ask once more for you`re love

Let me feel your warm embrace

Let me make that pussy wet

Let me write something different

For our future to forget

All the bad shit and start again

With a fuck again in the end

With a smile I know you like

Cause I know what makes you smile .


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