I Will Literally Pay 500 €

I will literally pay 500 € to the person that hits the 1000 like button !

It’s been a while since I had to deal with this problem and even if it sounds unreal trust me it is .

This is the Facebook post that I wrote in an attempt to get focus awarness not only to my situation but also to the fact that no were in any circumstances this is possible .

Translated :

What is the definition of the Romanian Constitution when a man is allowed not to show a trace of respect towards it? A man or a group of people can make fun of it as if it were just a play in the eyes of the world!

What does democracy mean and what is the difference from socialism?

For a long time I had to withstand the unimaginable attacks described by some people towards me and others who consider themselves safe in a place where the world still believes that justice can offer some kind of security and responsibility .

I cannot accurately describe what is happening but what I can say is that no one should live with the thought that is being pursued in all places, listened without any legal right on the part that for certain people only their own and selfish reasons is enough . Certain people who use illusions , psychic and physical reactions of a person only for their amusement. All deliberately provoked and under false threat induced by torture that cannot be stopped by anyone.

The most trusted person in the world always tells you that it's just an illusion in your mind when in a proven and specific way it's induced by other people. Authorities remain careless and unworthy, doctors remain silent without giving you an answer when asked but always with a smile on their face .

Letting the world consider of you what others determine you to be without someone considering what you really do and what you are .To see only what they're being told and forced in their head without paying any attention to the things themselves.

While living the impossible you always instinctively seek a way out of the hell that surrounds your life. You always have to wonder what if' while others don't give you the chance to organize your mind and find a way.Even now when I write after a very long period of mental and physical torture, I still hear their screams, accusations and exhortation to consider myself a perpetrator of an uncommon act.

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