The Women

The Day We Became Men !

The Day We Became Men !

When was the day you really understood that you finally become more than just a guy . The day when you finally started to see life from a different point of view .

When all your problems became just part of a game that you’ve been playing for far too long .

For me that was a tricky question . It may have been the day that I got a job after working so hard on my self-improveness , or maybe it was when I finally got with someone more than just fucking , drinking and partying .

But the most I think that it was when I started beeing appreciated for the things that I did on my own that I never thought I could do so simply by someone other than me .

You never know what you have as they say until you really notice it from a mile away . That’s the moment you get to see that whatever you do there’s someone watching and makes you believe in you more and makes you push even further .

And when you start losing it and those evil thoughts of doubt come rushing on your mind there is always someone there that stops them .

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