A new beginning !

A new beginning !

It’s time for a new beginning in my life .

I talked about many stuff and many people .

But the true ending lays here .

I’m a liar . This whole website is based on lies .

Not in the intent that the things said din not happen .

They did not happen in a truthful way .

In some cases love existed , in some cases passion existed .

In some cases the whole truth was not unveiled exactly .

But in an odd way , I hope that whom ever reads my content has something to gain as I have gained some experience and lessons to be learned in the future about my approaches on certain facts and aspects in my life .

This picture was inserted so you can know that I would not stop .

I cannot stop .

Onestly I’m breaking my own rules .

In life only love 😀🤨 or a perfect Barbie girl can change you .

And trust me , your Barbie isn’t even related to my version .

Sorry loser 💥

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