A Care For Our Most Loyal Friends

A Care For Our Most Loyal Friends

I know it may not be much , but I just saw a post from a Romanian Influencer and Bussines Owner from România’s capital city . A person that have done much for the community .

It’s about a homeless dog center which they need food , care and possible owners . We may change that .

I’m hopping that some of you will donate or share the articol so that more people who love dogs can see it .

Donate if you can or just share . I have a Douge de Bordeaux for almost 8 years and I did and will still do anything for her . She is my only true friend , and the only person that was there when I needed someone . She felt my suffering and I loved here from the beggining to now , even if she put me in for some difficult situations .

These is the original post written by Codin Maticiuc .

Husse Romania won a big prize at an even bigger festival and they called me to tell me.And I remind you: these are the boys with the super food of the dogs that jumped and send me food to the shelter of Târgovişte that I occupy.They were happy for their great prize, which I understood greatly because I'm really stupid. Please, however, pretend to enjoy me by giving them a liking on the page or even a congratulatory message. Let them believe it's because they have a super brand, even if we know why we love them.A. Do not do it because I prayed to you, but to the poor dogs we help in this way.

2 thoughts on “A Care For Our Most Loyal Friends”

  1. I feel you ! I went with my Dog throw a number of medical attencions . But who will care about these dogs if not us ? A small donation on the website , even 5 euros can be enough or just share this on your personal too get as many as we can to read them .


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