See You Soon !

See You Soon !

I needed a break , and I got it . I spent a few days by the sea and it was awesome and relaxing .

Most people travel to Asia , The Emirates , Spain , France , Italy .

But for me, there’s only one place that I truly value and call a vacation . And that Mamaia , Romania . The best long sandy beaches , best bars , clubs, and women .

10 Years ago it was only hotels and the beach , but now it`s Romania`s personal Dubai .

Real estate is booming , and what was just grass now it`s a luxury city and resort .

For all tastes and people . You can either go to a club and spend 200 300 $ or you can spend 10.000 .

Famous people from all around the globe and Romania choose this place to relax .

On the last day, I spent it with some guy from the US debating if war is coming and a Polish girl that just finished college and went on vacation .

They say once in a lifetime Muslims have to go to Mecca , I say once in a lifetime clubbers have to come here !

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