And Again By The Sea !

And Again By The Sea !

After a well earned 3 months working on the Coffee2Go , instead of opening I decided to take a long awaited vacation to my favorite place in the world . Mamaia , Romania .

One week of just clubs , cocktails , stripclubs and of course the sandy beaches .

Hope that in the end I can fuck of all this steam and come back a sound-minded person as I was once was 🙃 and with the help of some 🌿 of course !

I took the train here , first class of course , and when I arrived at my seat a smoking hot bimbo was on the seat exactly in front of me .

Now I portray myself as an conquerer of woman , but that’s not quite acquired . I mean I fucked a lot of girls , but we have to consider the time span .

That not the issue . Locked front on with this one is kind of hard not to start talking at one point .

So we started talking told me that this is her first time here in Mamaia , and she was on vacation spending most of here life in Italy and staying with a cousin . I told here that I also spend my life in Italy and after a few time she gave me here number after I asked here if while we’re here maybe we can get a drink .

She took a head start and got wasted on a beach bar . After she gave me a call if I wanna come over for a drink .

Why not ?!

When I arrived the only thing I remember is here opening the door and starting kissing , undresing and fucking .

I know that it may take a few days for me to ask here out , but then we will be 2000 km apart , so I guess that’s that .

Good luck I guess 😘

And how else to end a first night if not with a great dinner and a few Mojitos at a fucking far away land .

Seriouly , I walked 1 km on the sand just to arrive at this restaurant only to have a nice quiet dinner .

But in the end it was worth it . Great place just by the sea , great staff and awesome food 🙂 .

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