The Women

Drunk In A Bar !

Drunk In A Bar !

Staying here at a table in a bar in my home town , I wonder !

Was I the crock ? A just ended a relationship with a girl that had real-life experiences . Given the fact, they say opposites attract . Not in this case . Was I stupid ? Was I right or was I wrong ?

I loved a girl that I never met, but in all honesty all the time we spoke for hours on the phone , me telling her how much I loved her while I was drunk , I fucked a lot of women .

The girl that I picked by friends , girls that I picked in bars and of course girls that I paid to fuck me .

I am who I am . Judge me . I dare you .

She made me feel that I’m not alone . But while she was fucking someone that isn’t me , I felt nothing .

I am who I am ! One bad break up is enough to make you who you are . Woman are loved , and I love women .

But like I said , one man, can match me . The Devil himself .

I carry only 3 things in my wallet.

Money , my ID , and beneath a lot of love .

Judge me as you will , but remember, give me love and I will not go anywhere.

For the rest is just fuck . I mean , this blog has proven that .

Angel or Demon?

I chose love in everything I do . But love comes past me !


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