A Teenage Story

It’s me, I’m perfect!

We often try to be what we are not. We do this to be cool or to impress. But you will one day ask yourself “Who am I?” And the answer will be “Nobody!” Because you fought to show something fake, something that did not exist. Today I realize that perfection is me, without change, without falsity.

Many times I preferred to hide that shy and uncertain face to not be criticized. But it made me do nothing happier as long as I looked at each other more seriously.

And the great challenge of this stage was to accept me, the others either accept or give up.

In order to be perfect in the eyes and vision of others, I have learned to be myself and to be proud of what I am.

3 thoughts on “It’s me, I’m perfect!”

  1. I have just posted a similar thought in a poem, I was struck how others – namely you – have been stirred to write about it. Yes, be yourself!

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