A Teenage Story

A dry end !

A dry end !

Unfortunately this chapter has come to an end . A teenage drama may have posted blogs for some people , but not all we’re to intrigued on reading the stories .

The category will remain up on the website , but until another writer will be found this will no longer have content .

We wish the best regards to our young writer and hopefully one day will return with more intense content .

We wish you good luck !

2 thoughts on “A dry end !”

  1. It isn’t my duty to comment , but maybe our last blogger will add a comment . If not , a breakup is harsh. A came throw some break ups . But you have to think in advance . I portrayed myself as the Devil , and if you want to learn how to forget feelings just watch MK ULTRA on YouTube . Listen and not learn , adapt!


  2. My teenage problem was my first love. We lived too far from each other for the relationship to jell. My loss, and hers too.


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