A Teenage Story

“How is a real woman? “

This question has long haunted my adolescent. In a while I thought the real woman was washing, ironing, making food, and so on. Then I learned that a real woman is addicted to the man in her life, this man being considered the “head” of the relationship.
But today I realize that a real woman is the woman who can handle any situation no matter whether she has a man near her or not. A real woman manages to go through thousands of trials, and at the end she will still be smiling with her smile.
This kind of woman can lose everything; the only one will succeed in regaining a new life, a new one.
She does not need a man to be strong, she will be strong and alone, she will be able to walk on the corpses, no matter who has someone to support her or not.
It will encourage and support you, trying to show you that you will succeed; although in her life there is a great chaos, and it would take a little hug, she will be there just for you.
A real woman will be near you even in the stupidest things just to make you happy.
But when you, dear Man, you only think about what you want and forget to fight and to see her smiling, she will forget about you. He will give up slightly without telling you why. Because she can be happy without you, no matter how much she would have wanted you to be her happiness.

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