A Teenage Story

Green eyes !

Green eyes !


Maybe you have buried your soul and you can go down to other souls, but your eyes are empty, sad soul. The look of regret, lost in the unknown, makes you weak. Big and green eyes do not let you trick you, it does not let you forget that before you were a pain-filled beast, you were a small soul destroyed by a man of nothingness. And no matter how much you want to enjoy every success, deep down you see the regret that in your turn you have destroyed a soul. No matter how much you scream, in the mirror, that that part of you is dead, she is haunting your eyes every day.

And you do not want to recognize yourself, but in the loneliness of your room, you sometimes look at that trail of love and hope to revive your soul.
But what good is a little hope, in a life full of disappointments?
You put a row on the sheet to erase regret from you so that you can also give up this weakness. Continuing to erase what you were and build what you are about to become.

But what good is a large and imposing tree without roots? He will be pulled down by his own trunk before anyone else tries to destroy him.
How important is what you will be for some time when you can not accept that you have a past?
Today you write to forget, but tomorrow, when you are on the ground, destroyed, you will read to remember.
So, today I ask you, sorry soul, what’s the point of forgetting who you are? Why fall again, and now by your fault.

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