A Teenage Story

Monster !

Monster !

Life is the bitch, it hits you when your world is dearest and nobody will see suffering from your eyes. Everyone, like the hyenas, will break from you, believing that you will never stand up forever, and you will never have the power to avenge you. But you, the naive soul of a child, will teach little by little to replace innocence with the lust of battle and the thirst for justice.

Today you are drowning the souls without caressing you. Because your disappointments have broken down your last bit of soul and love. And then what did your love, trust, hope use for you? They were your great defects, defects that you buried deep in you. Hoping that someday someone will be able to bring them back to life. But how can they be in such a perverse world?

Easily destroy everything that destroyed you once, you are trembling and your hatred grows. You are thirsty with tears and screams of pain, you are happy, children, only when a viper is still missing. And what does it matter that you no longer know in the mirror? You know that you died drowned in pain! What’s the point of forgiveness? It’s the prettiest flap in which you look your victim in your eye and push the trigger! They turned you into a monster, I love the soul innocently. But life only survives monsters.

Life is bold and over the role, just follow a rule: “kill or you are killed!”
It’s not the law of the jungle, it’s pure reality, it’s forbidden among teeth to swear, or fight to the end, or die of their fault.

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