The Women

Beware what you ask !

Beware what you ask !

Today I had to weak up at 7:30 AM . She was on my arms , unwittingly to wake up but in the end after a few kisses, she asked me what do you want to do today . Anything!

That’s the point where she fucked up . I said seeing that you’re in a good mood and so horny , why not be my assistant 😭 . Yesterday I rented another space and started building a new Coffee Shop .

So today she had to come with me everywhere and do all the things I had to do and me just signing the documents.

After 10 hours of work she would even sleep in my room . Tread carefully what you ask . You may be surprised.

But it’s nice to have an assistant for a day . Even if I had to do the hard work , knowing where to go , what documents to ask and what to sign , she did an amazing job an I don’t think I’ll see her until tomorrow at 3 PM .

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