The Women

Fuck or FIFA !

Fuck or FIFA !

It’s the second day . After a good fuck , we ordered a pizza and then I started playing FIFA 2019 on my Xbox One , playing my career with Juventus when she wanted to try . She took the controller and played a match against Verona .

After she won , she would give up the controller . So I watch her play for 4 hours , even better than me . But I’m not angry .

She won with my team a few good matches , but tomorrow I’m gonna show here a new game .

A four hour fuck game . I’m gonna make her forget the date and her name .

By the way , she a fucking 19-year-old hottie . I mean when I fuck her I start transforming . She’s the greatest fuck ever .

Ehh , another four days and then she goes home . Maybe the next visit is at her but she’s staying with her mother . So a pillow is necessary .

I’m gonna make her scream and not even here can hear herself 🙃

The Fuck . The teen ?


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