The Women

She came !

She came !

After spending more than two months on the phone she finally decided to come. Politely was for me to go to there , but I wasn’t in the mode for a 5-hour drive . So I convinced her to come to me . Honestly for the first time I was the one fucked . Usually I start wooing them , but after a long trip after seeing me she jumped on and started to unclothe and fuck me .

After an amazing blow she started to fuck . She went on top and started jumping like she hasn’t fucked for 6 months.

Luckily for me she’s staying for another four days and while I’m writing this with here naked aside me on the couch watching the game . I said to myself that alcohol is inappropriate now . Maybe in club or at party , but here requires more attention so I bought some weed .

While I’m writing this and feeling inspired and invincible, she’s blocked on the match . Romania plays the Faroe Islands .

Maybe when she leaves , if she leaves I can take a small naked peak .


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