A Teenage Story

My Heart


Loneliness is a necessity, we need it to heal our wounds. After a war with yourself, loneliness is the best medicine.

I watched whole nights watching the glass by counting stars and listening to music, trying to make me understand that it was not as he says, trying to prove myself as a fighter. But to be truly a warrior I had to fight, and the struggle I had started was against me. I had to change to prove that she was not right. And the hardest step was to regain my confidence and to get rid of the addiction to that love. Quietness and loneliness were my best friends, and the darkness of the room most confidently confident. Late in the night when darkness reigned in the bedroom, the ghosts of the past appeared. The fear of failure turns into a day that passes into the nightmare, and as many people around me as loneliness reigns in my soul.
There were times when I was watching the absence of my own story, I did not understand what was going on. I received a blow from the destiny every time I found a balance. How was it possible for the love I had given so honestly to be rewarded with so much hatred? His gaze was full of hatred now, and as much as I had suffered, my love had been killed and buried. Love for me has turned into a drug, and when you miss the daily dose that terrible state makes you no longer rational, no matter how beautiful the moment of delirium is, it is followed by the impact with the reality that slowly and painfully kills you like a slow crime.

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