What defines a writer ? A blogger !

What defines a writer ? A blogger !



Every person has a voice . Everybody has a storry to tell . And oddley everyone is good . Some speak about food , others about travel . And blogging is suppossed to make you happy . It`s supposse to mentay calm you . In every word or every post you reveal something from your life that makes you calm or sad . And there is a differrence between views and mind calming .

And that voice changes your perspective and if your good enough changes others perspective . Which changes others peoople reality or ideas . Some find themselfs and relate to one writer . Understands him and finds some parts of the text in him and has some other ways to improve himself or they just use it as a guide .

Others may find it depresive , and take negative things and damage their life or others . Some may become depresed just by feeling judged . But even if you are that type of bogger it`s the readers choices what that take out of it . Many can find it quite charming . Ego may come on . Some may become ecotristic and decide that they are the same as the words on the blog or just better .

But us bloggers have just one intention . To follow a dream and to tell a story . Some write fiction , some their passions and others there life stories . But all the stories come from some state of good judgment , inspiration or just wantig for their voice to be heard .

And in my opinion blogging was way before the internet . When Martin Luther King Jr. held his speakes , people listen and judged on his words what is good or bad . He was a influencer of hes time . Every woman protester in a rally was there to listen to a voice that either changed her opinion or was interested enough to listen to her voice .

Therfore blogging is many things . It`s only the readers choice what they choose to take or believe .

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