A Teenage Story

Story continues !

Story continues !


After the first “I love you!” there were thousands, thousands of wonderful moments. Every day he became “all my”, my dependence on him reaching maximum odds. But when you fly too high you risk sinking on the ground, my wings were cut off when he left abroad.

The separation was sudden and difficult, it took place in July, in our cradle, I could not look in the eye, wept; neither of us said anything, or we had nothing more to say, or we did not know what to start with, or we did not want to start that moment in order not to end. I had too much to say and did not know what to start, finally, the silence was broken, sweet words, encouragement, and promises began to flow, moments passed and he had to leave, my last words were “I will wait for you!”.

Long days followed with even longer nights where we just wait to come back. I watched the ceiling counting the days until the long-awaited moment with the tears screaming on my cheeks, so it ended every day. It was no longer the same, love was replaced by a blush that blotted my soul, every day my smile disappeared, and the boy I loved began to become more and more absent turning love into torment. The nights I talked about for hours were replaced by the loneliness of the room, I was talking only with his picture of my encouraging smile, the embrace of my only dream, a dream too long to relieve my whole pain.

A few months later my brown-haired boy returned home; the redemption was an oasis of the desert where I had lost.

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