A Teenage Story

Do you know the most beautiful feeling?

Do you know the most beautiful feeling?

It is love, and this is even more beautiful when its sincere and shared . A few years ago I started to feel love for the first time and it was a moment that I can`t ever forget . He was a tall , brown-haired boy and with a wonderful heart.

At the age of 15, I began to discover with him the harmless childlike love we were seeing in secret , and the little hugs and kisses made our eyes shine and our heart smiled .

With each day spent together I was becoming more confident , smiling and lively . Every moment spent with him just made me float . That sincere love was all for us and no other at that time can appear on my eyes as I looked at him .

Along with my first love , I learned to give it all for love and don`t expect anything back, I learned to enjoy the smile and happiness that he had to offer . He was always the person next to me at that time and when he looked at me I found myself again in every given situation . He was my everything and I was his only one .

The first “I love you!” made my body vibrate and shiver with joy . I was walking , and one point he looked at me smiling, kissing me my forehead and whispered: “I love you!” . There was a moment of silence were we wore looking at each other and smiled living the emotions and even if he did not say anything his look meant everything he had to say .

Even if a few years past , you will remain my first love and first kiss . You were then and still are now my success and faults that I encounter .


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