The Unlikely

Stay still !!

I Wish this was a pleasend story ! But I’m stuck in city we’re nothing happens . I moved and I was buying an apartment in a city full of students 200 km away from her 2 years ago , and it didn’t went well . I fucked to many women and forced to sell my apartment and move back . Not until I made few stops . First it was Buzău were I meet a few girls and for the first time I had a girfriend . I say this because it was the first time I went in to a park and talked and didn’t fucked her . I have to mention that 3 other girls gave there numbers but I stay calm . I liked this girl . She was a waitress in a luxurious restaurant that I managed to get her number.

But still . I was forced out of the city by gypsies . They found me and asked me to leave . For the first time in 8 years I found love . No matter .

So I moved in my old place . A garbage . I’m selling this house to move to a private apartment even if I have to pat 20000 euros in debth .

But now I’m here for 2 months I’m looking for a better place to open my coffee shop and nothing .

Now , I’m starting my T-shirt designs . I own 4 businesses and I can’t stop .

All for the best 😘