The Women

The Girl With The Pink Tattoos!

The girl with the pink tattoo!

They say that true love doesn’t exist . I could say othewise . Just a few days ago I meet a girl that made me think . I love her .

Actually now that I’m sober I meet again with this girl . When you say love while being drunk I don’t think it really matters . But it was a great fuck . She knew exactly how to move until I got bored and wanted to see how much time will it take me to make her choke on her on breath . It took a while but I got it . She was so confident at start then after a while she started to glaze with does eyes at me like either she found God or the Devil .

Every time I called her name she had a small gasp in her voice , now I think I know why . People like walking , but this time it will take at least a few hours from when she wakes up .