The Unlikely

The Silver Lining

My mother moved to Italy when I was just 12 years old . My father should have come after just a few months later . But he didn’t . So while my mother remained in Italy , I was left with my father . He did not agree and thought she should come back . Like I said in Romania my mother was an engineer rising buildings and my father a hustler for pennies . In the communist era, he was one of Romania’s best volleyball players . He was captain of 3 different teams . But after all, he had left were his contacts .
We had one of the most expensive apartments in my city . A 4 bedroom apartment , and a balcony on each one . This was supposed to mean something .
I was left with my sister and him . He loved my sister but had no feelings for me . I moved to Italy when I was 14 along with my sister , and for that, he was given a large amount of money and borrowed from my mothers family another large amount of money .
He then took my sister and me to Italy , meet with my mom and then waved a knife that he is going home with my sister .
We throw him out like a dog .
But my family was at peace . I was along my family .
There I lived for about 4 years in a small town where everybody knew everybody .
It was a town were in the morning while skipping school , I drank coffee with a friend and at night at only 15 was on the passenger seat in a BMW SERIES 5 , that was custom made bulletproof . I’ve seen things that I cannot say , but what I can say is that the older respected me and I never had a problem with them .
I lived among Albanians , Polish ,Russian and many more including the police . They were among us but had nothing to do with us . If I wanted anything I just had to ask .
While my mother was away my father tortured me in any way possible . Maybe that’s why I have no fear of nothing . Not even death . But for one moment I was afraid . A friend invited me to his home and showed me his personal weapons , including an AK-47 that he put in my hands . And left it there for more than a half an hour , which I played with it . Until this day I don’t know if it was loaded .

Enough for one day .