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The Devil is not ?

The Devil is not ?

I say it with a heavy heart and pain in my soul, but after a period of negative thinking, of course, I have come to the conclusion that my soul is corrupt over the point of being claimed. A few years ago I had a hard parting for which I apologize, a childhood love of a drug and a negative entourage and high-risk drug use.

After a moment my love became madness and abuse and excess money.

The BMW X5 URI, 13m personal yachts and larger-scale visits, groups of friends and especially family-building blocks do not buy apartments, and holidays in locations such as Cannes, Monte Carlo, Amsterdam and beyond.

I’m a modest person. At 15, I had access to an account with a fairly large amount. I was not born rich, I am not rich, but I live my life as if I were a millionaire, or at least beyond the limits of other people.

Corruption is simple. All you need is a weak character. Whether you are an 18-year-old Audi A7 of € 80,000 and an account in the bank to get what you want, whether you have a hard time in childhood, just one impulse is enough to turn you into the moment in the demon you held in yourself.

In the last seven years, I have come to the conclusion that death is just an object. A high school carries over 300 students, and unfortunately, happiness, my number has passed the scale.

I read a book some time ago. The Soul Consumer, written by Codin Maticiuc. The way I interpreted it can be considered negative. But as I have a blog, and a few small businesses, I came to the conclusion that I found an idol in a fantasy.

But that does not change the fact of what I did. I’m still human. I still feel love for a moment or a few seconds. But certain circumstances have made me lose and that or worse to become something that can not be defined anymore.

We have become an entity without balance, balance, and consciousness.

I am a demon for the simple fact that I could not be an angel to become a devil.