The Women

Have I mentioned the girl in Nice ?

A long time ago , maybe 5 years have past when I lived near the border between Italy and France . Then everyone, almost all my friend went on the beaches nearby Genoa . It’s paradise . The best view of the sea and if you look back you can see the city on it’s hills. More like mountain terrain , but still on a level .

But I decided to go to France . Naturally I said I was a Romanian , because for a reason the French really hate Italians.

So I booked a hotel 3 stars , 100 meters from the beach and only a 15 Euro cab to the main clubs . Arrived I unpacked , took a quick nap and then of to the clubs .

They say that France is the country of A’mour , but onestly France is the country of go out , take a drink , or a few … then approach the shortest skirt you can find .

So I did exactly as instructed by Wikipedia . Offer a drink to the most likely fuck around . Found here, spoke English pretending to be be Danish . Gypsies have a tendency to make Romania in a bad manor.

So now I was a Danish guy , that didn’t spoke Danish, we only spoke English and French, little as I know , went back to the hotel , apparently in Nice this was considered a nice hotel , because she took like 3 minutes to read the label of the hotel name before entering, ordered a bottle of Moët , and the rest is like you imagine . Drunk jokes , a small pillow fight and then fuck 😉

She left the second day , saying she’ll call but nothing . So after having the room and a small amount of cash , went on a town seeing . If I had 100.000 to spend , I would definitely buy an apartment in Nice . A small voyage to Monaco, and the city itself is a wonder . Except for the highways. There a fucking robbery . I mean 3 euros just for 3 km . Fuck it .

I still can’t remember the girls name , but Nice . A city of wonders, a city of girls that even on your death bed you can still whisper , I was once in Nice , and I saw heaven.