The Lost Girl

So my twin sisters decided that dealing with here parents and family was enough .

So she left for Ibiza . Little Fucker . I was supposed to go there , but my parents, I mean my mom and stepdad promised me a chain of Coffeehouses in my current city . So I decided to postpone the trip . Never been to Ibiza, but it’s on my to do list since I was 16 . I mean I traveled 70% of Europe, but the only place that I would fit in , I decided to postpone . Instead of living there , now I’ll just have to take a vacation, both in December 29 , or so , my birthday , and probably a week on summer .

That’s not the point. My twin sister that I love with all my heart has a bad habit of choosing the wrong guys in here life .

So when she left , we all thought that she was gonna stay with all here friends . A few girls older than here that should have taken here in and as she told overyone that she got a job at a hotel with a salary of 800 euros as a hotel housekeeper .

That’s the point when I knew something isn’t filling up . I mean the basic salary is between 1100 and 1300 . So I knew it was a lie .

Then I found out that actually she’s been staying with 3 boys . Maybe she found another boy and got tired of him . She has this habit. When she was 16 she went to Milan to stay for a few weeks with here newly founded boyfriend .

Here parents did not accept this . So when I asked her father to come along , he said no , knowing what I might do . Break his leg bones so hi couldn’t walk for a month , break his mouth so he couldn’t speak for a month .

She just arrived from Ibiza to Turin just a few days ago .

I don’t know the full story yet , but I know for sure that she was asked some things that she would say no .

She has that independent status , but eventually we will find out what happened .

And the most pleasing and the think that I am best is to find and punish those who think they can take an advantage of people like her .

So if I hear one bad tought I might make a one week trip to Ibiza after all .

My best qualities is to track down people, and make them put themselves in the position of others.