The Unlikely

In Brussels

Just watched the movie . 3 times in a row , and I start thinking. Besides Colin Farrell as the main actor , who in my opinion is one of the best actors of our generation , the plot itself has an intriguing end . I’ve done a lot of bad things in my life . And onestly if I was given the chance to become a hitman , I wouldn’t say no . If lived a terrible live . I judged for myself someone’s punishment , but never was I unfair .

But the movie itself makes you wonder , are we all that we can be ? I mean , onestly will you turn down the offer?

I like these characters. Him in this movie , The Joker in Suicide Squad , The Joker in The Batman movie played by the one who died . I also liked Casanova , and many more .

Lucifer, in Lucifer , great moral stand points , Hoffa played by Jack Nicholson , GoodFellas we’re Robert DeNiro played a very hard role . Even if he wasn’t the main character, he chose this movie because nobody else had his mind , temper and morals to play the part. Again Robert DeNiro in Casino and when he played Al Capone .

We walk the streets and see jackasses robbing us for a penny . But these guys meant something.

The Godfather Part 3 , my favourite, not because it was the best . Because it had the best judgment in all the movies.

We live by our moral standards. A sniper in the army is called the safest one . That’s not true . When you send a sniper on mission it’s just him and the spotter. So if you send a battalion of 1000 , 400 will die if you win . If you send a sniper and a spotter they both die. The difference is that 1000 soldiers holding an automatic machinegun fires 120 rounds before they get spotted and gunned down . A sniper has one shot . One shot that can take a commanding officer and dismantle an entire brigade or is spotted and dies with one shot and an 99% chance of not surviving .

For the last 2 years I went undercover in the most dangerous human trafficking, drug smuggling, and weapons trade mafia in Romania . And I survived. Not because I was in an desert and a sniper spotted me . Because I wasn’t even aware of my mission .

What I want to say to you is that , if you have to choose a side . Choose the enemy . He can kill , stab you or beat you up 20 times a week when spotted, but in the end , the felling that you managed to infiltrate and offer intel to other people is more than you can imagine. I’ve done my part.

I’m still in , but I don’t know if as intel , target or targeting .

I’m the guy that received an envelope with a blank letter inside . You choose .