Who are we ?

I’m just watching a movie , Australia based , and people fear to die , fear to lose their house , fear to lose their loved one . But what about moral standards? Moral high grounds ? We believe in our government. We trust that we are safe by electing people that can make decisions for us . But we are the entity. We are the those who make these choices. If we want to become at least a fraction of what we propose we have to stand for something . We most become something. We must decide what life we choose and fight for the civil rights than we so much want. We can change . 10 % ! But it’s enough to make them think. To make us think. If a war was upon us , all of us would have to fight for our country . Even if war was never the answer. When Bush invaded Irak , he did not choose civil rights. He did not start a war on what Saddam Hussein did to the Kurds , the Iraqi people or to stop the invasion of a country the size of Moldova . He started a war based on false rumours that Irak has bio and chemical weapons . Weapons that can be used on friendly nations . But even then , most of the countries near the vicinity of Irak was Russian founded . Saudi Arabia was the only friendly country to the US . But not an ally at the time . Arabia became an ally within the war . The major supply of Iran was Opium , but there was never mentioned a war on drugs . After 9/11 they started a war on terrorism . But From 2011 we had so many attack’s that those that can be counted we’re counterattacked , but what about Africa ? When Somalia held those people , and killed those innocent people the EU sent special forces to recover the hostages.

The point is that when we manifest a problem within our own country, they sent our people that after the protesters go away , the same people that aggressively attacked the people walk among us and buy groceries from the same markets from we’re we buy our food . And one in 10 than harassed the people is your friend now.

In Romania , I believe it was 2013-2014 when Traian Basescu had upon himself a protest and what he ordered the police to do the the people was excessive and non Eu , and Haga regulated .

What I’m trying to say is that when you fight against them you are a soldier, and when you fight for them still a soldier