The Kick, The Unlikely

Is The System Just ?

From the 1989 revolution in Romania, there we’re an great amount of Ponzi schemes , corruption , and many other corrupting trades . Factories we’re bought for nothing , people managed to buy stocks inside companies at a 10% of their real value and the inflation was on an abstract level . My mother that worked a an engineer building buildings had a basic salary of 20.000 , and after 5 years after the assassination on Nicolae Ceausescu , the president of Socialist Romania and ruler of the communist party, Romania was in a complete disaster . The inflation and demonising of the currency was so vast that from a starting salary of 20.000 Lei in one year became 200.000 the next year . The only problem is that the Bank Of Romania controlled the changes made within the currency.

So with 20.000 lei you could pay a deposit for a house , but within a few years those 200.000 you could barely manage to put food on the table .

Factories, Commercial Spaces we’re bought from the start by ex official of the ruling party and people that managed to escape and run out of the country returned and bought a 1.000.000 million dollar factory for 50.000 and nobody seemed to give a notice .

Mittal Steel , Roman ,Romania . Owned by one of the most powerful men of the world . Lakshmi Mittal .

Why ? Because the Romanian people had lived in a communist state for so long that liberty was even after a few years unknown. They had food , they had lights after 22.00 PM , Television channels arrived , but still , we we’re unknowing .

Now , after more than 30 years we are a proud NATO Nation, the 4 contribution for the fight against terrorism in the Middle East , many of our compatriots have given they’re lives for this country and for the freedom and security of all the possible NATO nations.

To be continued . What I ask is that you open your eyes as a Romanian and a fellow EU country member and NATO ally and see what happens in this country .