The Unlikely

A new breed of human kind!

After more than half a million marched into the capital of Romania , and protested the unlawful laws that we’re made , providing asylum into there own country , still the main government has more the 5000 elected officials with penal code condemnation. We have more than 5000 pardoned, in a exclusive way , mayors , city councilers , and more state controlled units.

Are we are nothing? We are the Democratic Republic of Romania . An NATO state alliance, and an European State UE

But still we cannot control our country’s democratic system.

In the last protest they used tear gas on 6 year olds on there mothers arms . People have died from intoxication.

The water cannons that should have aimed on the outer bounds of the population , we’re directed to the main protesters. Even if they were just there to peacefully sit and hold a banner . There was some attack’s from the protesters, but only when they saw that the police had a direct order.

Finish this quick , the last time we had 300.000 protesters , and now we have half a million announced.

What is Romania as a country ?

We may need to think as a society what we are . If you google the Belarusian leader you will understand. But there is not one man controlling the people or at least the armed forces. They are an entity that call themselves the government. With the face of one man , a puppy for a prime minister, and all the regions of the country . Please share so that all my friends can see what needs to be seen .

I am not one of them . I am one that the police cannot touch and we’re ever I go I have seat at the table . Money for one . But people I know as second .

But still I would not stand for this kind of democracy . If you go to my Facebook page , you will see the President of Romania along side Mr. Donald Trump , the president of the United States Of America. And you would understand that Romania is one of the main forces in counterterrorism in the world . And for what ? So that terrorising thread is unlishided in my own country.

If I had a choice to defend my country’s liberties , enrolling in war , then God will decide my faith . But no . We have a war that tanks cannot enter and hopefully will not enter my country’s capital Bucharest.