The Women

The Over Night Fuck !

After leaving the club half drunk, I called a friend that owed me a favour

I got here out of a jam , she owed me one . And what better way to repay a debt by fucking . Here parents we’re at a wedding and she told me to pass by .

Ok , what’s the worse that could happen? I get either a fuck or a bullet seeing that her dad is a cop .

Called a cab , went to her place then we started fucking . After 30 minutes we hear the door opening. I dressed as fast as I could and then jumped out the window . We fucked ! But I’m still not satisfied. She broke in the middle !

At least I’m not the first target . By the screaming she’s the first and I’m on looked down for a few days , unless her father decides to make me a quick visit .

Eye for an eye . Why do fathers consider fucking such an obscure thing, when all the pleasure was on here . I still had to jump a windows barely dressed, and unfinished?