My new iPhone !


My new iPhone !

You may think that I finally got an iPhone X , and can amaze myself on how the phone can use the facial recognition feature. But no ! I finally got a new iPhone 6 16 GB , my favourite. I mean for only the fuck sake I’m gonna buy either an X or an iPhone 8 just so I can put in on the table in a bar so that I don’t have to talk anymore . I’ll let them think that this guy buys a bottle of Moët & Chandon drinks alone at the bar , who gives a fuck about the car , his probably drunk and left the car at home . And please don’t tell me that you don’t look at the keys of his car on the table . I can literally say that woman are more practical when it come to car keys assessments than men . We buy a car and we don’t know what the fuck to do with it . The rules are simple . Buy the car , try to figure out on your own all the cars features, fuck the manual , show it to your friends and then make it a fuck object . I mean if you buy an Audi A6 from 2014-2015 , your odds to fuck a pink lipstick are around 75% . And trust me that’s the fuck off a life time . If you buy a BMW 5 Series from 2007-2008 , stick to your class . Cause gentlemen, money makes all the difference in this world.

But occasionally your just a friend of a friend , that happens to know a girl in a Range Rover Evogue , that has everything from birth to that moment. She doesn’t look money . She is not impressed by your talent of knocking out teeth . She’s impressed of how shy , dumb in words , but reliable. And then she makes the first move .

Trust me , you’re to stupid to see it , but in the end , you may find true love . Or in my condition this is the last hope of true love . A girl from a good family , that takes an interest in me . And the odds of that happening are the same for me as are for you 1.01% .

But let’s talk iPhone. I just bought today a new iPhone 6 , my eight or ninth for the past months . I just don’t like keeping the same phone for a long time .