A night out !

So after a long time I decided to take a night for myself . Lambrusco on the table , alone , still no interest in the people here . The bodyguard at the entrance is the same one that managed to banned me from a casino on my current city that I’m staying! He told me don’t get drunk I just had to say fuck you . The bartenders asked me what do I want ? A bottle of Lambrusco of course . Hopefully I can still remember my address when I leave this club that has more staff than clients … The music is okay though 🙂

So after I am finished here , where the girls are queens seeing the competition , I have a tiny small change of fucking one of them . But the truth is , somebody is already awaiting me tomorrow, today if I count the hours . So no win , no lose !

Let’s just hope in the mean while this club manages to fill up ..

If not I am without hope . Kisses to my friend from the US . Still can’t understand why she won’t talk to me anymore .

Am I that scary and remorseful?