A trip to Liubjiana

A trip to Liubjiana !


I haven`t written in a while . Busy … Busy !

But I had the time to make a short trip to Vienna to meet a friend from childhood that managed with a Law Degree to get a job at an Audi dealership  as a consultat . We knew each other since we we`re 10 years old . I loved this girl . She was the most beautiful of all in my neighborhood .

After spending 2 nights in Vienna wen`t back home to Romania , my home city , Bacau , but before I made a quick stop to  Liubjiana . In all my honesty if I had to choose from Venice and Liubjiana , Liubjiana will be my favorite . Besides the fact that the city is filled with students from all the neighboring countries ,  I`ts a city full of lights . All the shops , bars , and restaurants close at around 01.00 AM and the politness is incredible . Even if you can`t manage to speak english they will find a way to make you at home . After driving for 7-8-10 hours , I entered a coffee house that was closed only the doors were opened  , the bartender politely asked me to come inside and after a request saying that  I was tired that I wanted a cup of coffee , even if the expresso machine was of , he offered me insted a RedBull so he can manage to move it the next day .

If you consider in betwen some countries , most of them would have shot you down  but the bartender  from this city has invited me in offered me some RedBull`s or Burn energy drink and then closed the door . 

Even if he had to stay over time ,he allowed me to stay and finish my drinks , 3 if I recall , and then gived me advice were to go after to see rhe city at it`s most .

So for thoe who haven`t seen the city and just walked by , I recommend a quick stop and a tour of the city .

Some people prefer Venice and I don`t disagree , but this city in my opinion is more beautiful and more tourist pleasent  .

So if your traveling from Eastern Europe , or just wanting a pleasant vacantion I , myself recommend  Liubjiana as tourist attraction  .