The Unlikely



After the failed attempt to take down the prime minister and the controlling political party on the 5.2.2017 after a controversial and long dispute between the people and the government , the biggest protest in Romania  seen after the fall of communism were more than 300.000 people were present in the city capital the people united and marched the streets of Bucharest again .

Now after more than a year , today 10.08.2018 it is announced that more than 1.000.000 people will flood the streets and demand that the current prime minister Viorica Dăncilă and the President of the Social Democrat Party “PSD“ Liviu Dragnea be deposed seeing that he is currently sentenced to 3 years and 6 months of prison for acts of corruption  from there function after a few controversial laws in the penal code were made and modified . 

From all across Europe Romanians are returning home in masses making lines of more than 3 km at the entry point to Romania . Double than usual and all the cars are holding the Romanian flag up . In the previews election it was speculated that more than 4 million Romanians living outside the country were unable to cast there ballets and were withhold the right to vote . Now there showing that even if they live outside the country , they should have the same equal right to vote and voices to be heard .


This political madness has gone to far . If what is expected is true , by far only at the 1989 revolution when Nicolae Ceausescu was executed and the Communist Party was removed from Romania gaining a democratic state for the first time in it`s history had this much attention . 

For the past few days the media stopped showing on the news and articles what is really happening in the country . But the people of Romania are preparing and they won`t stop until justice will be served .

After some persons came back in the country with number plates insulting the political party , from Sweden and other countries were the number plates were legal throw all around Europe the police removed and abused the owners gaining a massive protest on Facebook gaining them in just a few days more than 50k 1 stars .


The protest can be seen live throw online webcams from the main squares of the city and the House of Parliament . 



  1. 23:00 – The police intervene forcefully against the protesters with tear grenades and water cannons, Victoria Square is evacuated, nightmare scenes in the center of the capital, over 250 injured … children, young people, the elderly and people with disabilities, no one escaped the police shooting, in turn, two of the cops were beaten and disposed of by the guns.


  2. 22:00 – More than 100,000 people in Victory Square, the situation has calmed down after the violent incidents in which the police have used the tear gas. The number of protesters has increased. These are the first hours . Romania must be free of corruption .

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  3. 10 August 20:00 – The number of participants is approaching 30,000 and the tension is maintained in Victoriei Square. Some protesters throw objects into the police force and the fences to protect them, they throw tear gas to protect the president of the ruling party sentenced to 3 and a half years of prison but the laws they changed make him an inocent man, 76 people needed medical assistance.

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  4. 10 August 19:00 – The number of demonstrators has doubled, with nearly 20,000 people displaying at this hour in Victoria Square, the people continue to come, with metro stations full of people coming to protest. They then go to the police and throw various objects and the police do not hesitate to use tear sprays. They’re preparing the water cannon cars.


  5. 10 August 2018 at 16:22 – The first incidents in Victory Square. The protesters forced the police cordon in front of the Government. The police have used tear gas, protesters have been pushed a few meters away from the Government fence, some of the demonstrators need medical care being transported by the SMURD crew bay.

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  6. 10 August 17:00 – The police uses tear gas again. People are asking the law enforcement to give up this and chant “The police defends the thief“ . Traffik in Victory Square is blocked, 24 protesters and police have needed medical care so far.

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