Back Home !

Back Home !


So I arrived in Romania a few weeks ago in a city in the middle of the country . I was supposed to stay there for a few weeks until my tattoos were done . But the person that promised me that would rent me his house for the time I should have stayed there didn`t kept his promise .

But no harm done there . I managed to get in 4 days ,3 numbers and a fuck while talking about Justin Bieber in a bar with a girl that I still can`t remember here face  . Not bad . I think I set a new record even for me . But that was what it was . The only misfortune was that after a long time I finally found someone that I can communicate with . She was perfect . The shy girl . The one that makes you think about here . Still 300 km away I still txt here for just the talk . 

But as you guess , reality is a little different from what this world is really about . At least for me . So I ended up here . In my own city . The city were I was born , raised and made what I am , with the other experiences of course . I don`t tend to lie . I found it useless .

Why tell a lie when the truth is more overwhelming . For example I would tell you that one day 3 girls all wanted to have sex with me at the same time , but at that age and point I was a little shy . To tell you the truth I still haven’t managed to sleep with 3 girls at once . I mean have sex with 3 girls at once .

I`ve slept with 5 ,6 who knows how many girls were on that bed . But I was 13 , no sex . Just one hour of kissing with one of them just to make the girl I liked jealous , ad it worked . 

I still didn`t have sex with here even if we were attached to each other for like 4 years . 

But now she`s a mother and I like to think I am a gentleman . I like my teeth were they are . So better stay away . Nice of her to invite me to here wedding though . 

Anyway , just arrived at my home were for the past few years nothing has changed . The families remain the same . Those who have money rule the social status of the city . I once had those things . I means a 15 m yacht worth more than 250.000 euros , BMW X 5 , Opel Antara , Audi A3 , 300.000 euro house , a beach house worth !? I wasn`t at the sale , 2 houses in Romania worth more 120.000 euro . Money .

Sorry for that , I`m gonna boost this post on my home city . So the people I love start a social war . 

Now after we lost almost lost everything , I mean we`re just left with a lot of 650 square meters to build a double house , duplex , my side of course , a plan to buy a house or apartment in Ibiza within the next six months , and still own . not mine , a 500.000 dept and a 300.000 euro business and 300.000 in future contracts , I just want to fit in .

Like I sayed , I`m in my home town . 

Enough of that . I just want my tattoos and then leave to Ibiza and start over . As a normal human being . Not a sex plan objective . I mean what the fuck . 

Normal life . One City . One house . One Friend .