The Unlikely

All of humantis sins are the devil’s fault !

I recently came to a conclusion . When we are ill and ask for help we look up and ask for the hand of GOD to guide us and help us . But does he respond . No . We have the free will to do what we consider wise . But are we just . Or are we just begging for mercy from a entity that has not yet revealed itself . It is not GOD that puts us in these situations . We decide who we are .

But on the other side , when harm comes to us , even a scratch on the finger we blame The Devil . We as people decide what we choose to do . To be . Remember , once when we were not , the one you hate the most was the most beloved within all of GOD`s children . And only because he was so beloved GOD decided to banish him to eternity to rule the sins of man , to decide what punishment must one have for his sins . 

But who is wiser ? The one that you pray when you are at your most despair ? Or the one that takes all the blame even if freewill was cast upon man when he was created . It was one apple that decided all . And GOD gave only one task . 

How many of us are pure ? A cop kills a robber . Who is he to decide what punishment that man deserved ? Isnt your god the one that should choose the faith of one man ? And still he is praised , but were will he go ? Do you still believe that heaven awaits you ? 

I chose my path a long time ago . A cried to the bible to help me pass a moment , and not for one day but for a month and still no answer . 

We are all sinners . And I decided on my free will to believe that Lucifer , the most of GOD`s sons to guide me . I choose to live a life of sin . I decide my one faith here and then if there even exist an afterlife , may I be punished accordingly .

But for now I will sin on my behalf and punish myself in the afterlife .