The Women

She won’t stop smiling !


She won’t stop smiling !

I mean this girl can’t stop smiling . We knew each other for a few weeks , arrived at a point where she kept some of her stuff at my place , bought matching coffee mugs . It`s was perfect .

Until I decided that a 22-year-old is more fascinating than a 26-year-old. At least at the time, It`s not like we were separated , just one sober fuck . Secret fuck ! If will ..

I mean she was gorgeous , and to be honest I wasn`t in love with this girl . We just knew each other for a few weeks . It was 95% wrong of me to do so , but 5 % told me what a good friend told me . “If you can fuck her , then fuck here “ . So I did so . Old friend , meet up a coffee shop , had a few coffees over a couple of days and then one day we went to her apartment , her parent’s apartments and started doing the nasty .

A few days later , a week or so she texted me on why didn`t I call back or at least a text . My girlfriend picked up the phone and read the message . I knew I should have instaled a fingerprint .

She didn`t say anything . She just gave me the phone and then walked away . She didn’t leave at the start .

She just kept smiling . For 3 days . She didn`t pronounce a word , didn’t asked for questions , she just kept on smiling . Now I have my crazy moments . For example , just for losing a game on a football ticket I took my car in a quiet place , found a nice piece of wood and started to fuck up my car . Headlights , stoplights , and the back spoiler .

So you can understand why this was starting to freak me out . At one point she just came to me , started kissing me , undress me and we started fucking for like an hour . She was still smiling but in a more subtle way . More sexy , erotic . You know . Fuck smile .

Then I woke up the next morning and saw that all her stuff was gone . I mean she didn`t have here dresser with here but the few things she had she took . Tried calling here and txt-ing here for a few time but no response . Then blocked .

Fine , I fucked up , the odd part is that she still fucked me , which was awkward , until I walked down to my car . I saw it on others but I never thought it would happen to me .
My car was full of sticky notes . I mean all of it . Isn`t this supposed to happen when somebody loves you or there’s a surprise coming up ?
And for the love of bitching , a few notes had smiley faces on them .

Good , I think if I`m at the mall and I see this girl , and its packed crowded with my only option to jump 2 stories below just to avoid contact , fuck it . I can add this to my bucket list .

Fuck it!!

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