J.D. Salinger


This was a mail I got from a fellow writer . Just out of curiosity I would like to see if and what kind of comments I would receive .

“Why are you banned? Are you seriously wondering? I’ll take a crack at it.
Firstly, you don’t have the balls to let readers leave a comment. That’s fucked up. So I guess that makes you somewhat of a stalker, you get to comment on others’ blogs but not let anyone comment on your own.
Secondly, the content of your blog sucks. For example you wrote about a night you spent with a hooker and another high-end escort you brought home to your folks. Big deal. Do you know how many “I fucked a hooker blogs” out there that say that, but are actually an interesting read?
Thirdly, it is clear as day you are a misogynist. So what, all us women should be clamoring to read your words wielding shit about us neatly hidden (or not) behind saccharine pleasantries. Ohhhh we should be grateful you let the hooker stay with you overnight instead of paying her and letting her go home. It’s what YOU wanted. She was probably counting the minutes to get the hell away from you. If you’re such a great fucking guy why the need for a whore? Get a relationship. Real men don’t need to pay. So yeah, unless you want a bunch of blokes reading your blog, try a little harder. Hide your vitriol towards women a little better, or just openly admit you fucking hate women.
Just because you have a fat wallet and a cock doesn’t make you Ernest Hemingway.“

My response 

  • Anybody can be banned from boosting on Facebook , it takes just a person to sent a report . But all of my post that I boosted were 18+ of age .
  • Second , no magazine will ever put a comment box below because the subjects can be controversial .
  • I`m not born out of money , but I have money . That’s called work , and seeing that this became a hobby I like to spend a few euros on some articles on my website .Travel , Clubs , Museums  , Hookers .
  • For this one I am sorry , but if you go online on a porn website and just type SEX , see how many results you will get . Oh my god , that’s somebody`s daughtersssssssssssssssssss.
  • As for the Escort meet the parents , an escort does not have to have sex with you unless she want`s to . Maybe someone wanted to prove that he is not depressed on finding a girlfriend and showing to his parents . I know suicide is worst , but still why should`t he at least try this experience . 
  • I love women . That offended me . There is nothing more in this world that I love . And not in that way . None of the stories were hookers were forced to do this . They have there free will and if you would have studied first you would see that in most of Europe prostitution is legal , meaning that both the state and the women agree on doing this . Prostitution comes back way before the roman empire , so who are you to judge over 2000 years of history .
  • And by the way , freedom of speech .

Now I`m just gonna add your email address just for fun .

Lexicon Lover


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