What are in fact the community standards on Facebook ?


Since I started this blog Facebook has managed to ban my page and unpublish it 3 times . Every time one page was banned and another one was created . And every time I asked a question regarding why no response has ever arrived back . They have time to analyze your page but they don`t have time to give you a simple answer on what needs to be changed in order for you to maintain the page working . It`s true . With over a billion users , I guess , no organization has the time to analyze everything . So I guess many people were offended by my writings seeing that they had time to report it as spam , abuse or any other .

One message came back and was reported as phishing , but only after they banned my posts to be boosted in order for a page to attract more attention , and pay for the product that I desired directly from Facebook .
It is for that reason that 3rd parties were necessary .

Non the less I don`t see I reason for them to do so , seeing that even my content is inappropriate for people of a certain age , I have selected an age limit on who can follow the page .

And like I said there is no content that contains pornography , racism , false impersonation or any other sort . Now after 2 months they decided that the page is eligible even after I added more content with the same subjects .

Since I first logged in to Facebook there have been images of naked men and women alike , pornographic material , images of child abuse , abuse of content , content that contained racist slurs .

There are groups dedicated for only the sole purpose of showing pornographic content , and if you read some of the comments , my words can be classified as a lecture for the young ones .
I literally have seen women posting naked pictures of them self and asking who would like to lick them .

And on a larger scale, Facebook allows magazines like Playboy to maintain a page with nudity on them , and they also have 16 million likes and followers .

Like I said , Facebook has no control over their websites management system .
And to be sure I did the same thing . Sorry for the inconvenience for those who had no related abusive content . But it had to be done . I reported both a disgusting picture and a simple status . And that`s all it took for them to ban both of them and putting some sort of embargo until it can be decided if the content is dangerous to others that read it .

In the end , Facebook needs more control and measure their community standards appropriately .