Back to Romania !

Back to Romania !


I really don`t have a post to write , plus I just broke my iPhone so I was in mourning , but in a few days, I`m going back home for a few weeks . Italy has had its time but now it`s time for a new beginning .

I promised myself that I would start my T-Shirt brand before departing to Ibiza , so I have to try at least to make this possible . Even so , at one point everybody misses their home , so that`s it .

But I`m not on a business venture , this time it`s more like a very short but rock world vacation .

Meet up with some friends , make new ones and try to find something relevant to write again . I`ll be traveling to a few cities , so it should be interesting . I traveled half of Europe and done some stupid and crazy shit , but not as much as I did back home .

Practically I`ve been asleep for the past few weeks and it`s time to start over again .

New life , new places but still the same me . The same parties , drugs, and alcohol .

Hopefully, when I depart to Ibiza , I won`t be going alone , so that the stories may change a little . The Woman part remains . It`s my past and I think I deserve to share some of it . But maybe I can add something new . Something that was missing for a long time .

But knowing myself , most likely that won`t happen and trust me it`s a curse, not a pleasure .

I`ll live Ibiza’s finest but with a new spot to play on .