Who will be the new FIFA World Cup champions?

This may have been the most awkward World Cup that I’ve seen so far. Spain, Portugal , Germany , Argentina , Italy , Netherlands , Serbia , and Senegal are already out .

Will France win another World Cup by mistake , and go back home with the trophy ?

Or maybe England will finally win the cup that they were waiting for so long , half a decade if I’m not wrong .

But I have a feeling that this World Cup will go to the best teams so far . Of course even does mention above .

After the way they played Belgium is my favorite team for this years FIFA World Cup.

So tonight’s match against Brazil will be there true challenge . With players lining up for the start of the match , for sure we will see football history .

Russia meets Croatia . Both teams have proven that this they will play till there is no more left to say . Face to face , a team that doesn’t seem to miss a chance of scoring and a team so fast and devoted that even the pitch can’t stay still and the stadium trembles as the Croatians have there road to the title .

I will also add Sweden, not for there achievements, but for there style and tactics . But I personally wouldn’t bet on them passing trough .

My estimate for the Russia FIFA World Cup 2018 finale is Belgium vs Russia/Croatia .

And tonight we will see the odds of that happening .

And let’s not forget Ronaldo . He is still in our hearts and will always find a place to play .