How to know if someone is telling the truth!

Now and then we have a moment when we encounter a certain conversation when we have to evaluate a persons reasons and intentions only by talking to him or her . But your not a lying detector so , you have a to make a reassessment over he’s or hers reactions , facial expressions, glitches and many more .

There first tale would most likely be a involuntary gesture. Playing with here hair , smiling in a posture were it doesn’t fit , biting her lips , looking for a fracture of a second in an other direction or just gasping for one second .

Then you persist and play 2 subjects at the same time . One that you already were talking and an other that you say both louder and quieter , angrier and comforting. You’re gonna ask random questions with words used in the initial conversation.

Maybe it would work or maybe not . But rarely someone manages to retain there primordial instincts . So if and when you find there tail , you persist on exactly that , but this time more aggressively. You stay calm when you think she’s lying and a little more aggressive on the thinks that don’t matter . Then in her or his subconscious , will think that it’s just a normal conversation , and involuntary telling you what ever you want .

The moment you find the words that triggered her , just repeat them and now you have to find the word that triggers and challenges her to retain the most . Once you managed to do that , the inevitable will come . Denial . She will start interrogating you with the same words that you managed to make her focus on .

It will only take a matter of time until the conversation is over , and while you stay stupid and wondering why she would do that , she will eventually find and escape , and just walk away like nothing happened or if she’s that stupid she will either try to challenge you back or dumber will stay there like nothing happened and just sweat and blush and refuse to respond . Just block . Test proven by Bipolar people who were put to a test in different stages of their moods .