The Unlikely

The 60 Years Of Evolution

The 60 Years Of Evolution

I wrote in previews post that evolution took a step back on Romania and Italy had more opportunities of becoming a democratic state .
But honestly, I`m starting to reconsider . I mean yes , maybe we Romania doesn`t have the economic state that we have and even though corruption still fleads the streets , at least we are an entity compared with the demographics in Italy .

Do not judge me . I love staying in Italy . I`m in central Europe and I can make this blog a little more interesting , in my opinion , but .

Beyond emigration , economic instability and corruption on a small and larger scale , Italy is both beautiful as a country an ugly as a nation . I live in Turin , and everywhere I walk I see either a fight , a drug dealer prostitution on the street like it`s a marathon and fight almost every night in the clubs .

And even if you pass by undercover , in silent mode , you still get harassed at one point just for being present in that spot of the street . But luckily I have 2 psychiatrists that don`t know of each other , one state and one private and a lot of prescriptions . So life is good when you’re pumped on 3 meds a time and a large quantity of Xanax .

But what can you do? Every place has it`s dark corner , and I don`t know how the fuck I end up on each one .

Short but , true , and real .