“Parco del Valentino“ – Auto Salon

“Parco del Valentino“ – Auto Salon.

As a car lover I couldn`t miss the 2018 EXPO in “Parco del Valentino“ and like any car show , you get the opportunity to see the past evolving into the future . From cars, that can drive underwater to cars that have self-guided drones , none, of course, that will ever bypass the asphalt , the 2018 cars and the prototypes we`re awesome .

From Pagani to Ferrari , Lamborghini to Tesla , nobody was missing . And I mean nobody . From all across Italy and other countries people brought there most prized possessions for the city to see . From the famous Ferrari Testarossa that once Al Pacino drove in Scarface and Leonardo Di Caprio in his famous interpretation of the famous “The Wolf Of Wall-Street“ to the BMW I8 and Aston Martin that James Bond loves . Partially loves to destroy in almost every movie .
I mean I was standing there near the newest Aston Martin and started to wonder . Maybe we don`t have Picasso anymore to fascinate us with his drawings but the designers and engineers deserve our applause . Not only this year but every year we see something new . The only problem is that only does who pay attention really see the difference .
There was once a time when a car was a miracle to evolution , then after an art in design , now with technology evolving so fast only the, that remains . But Ferrari will always be Ferrari and Lamborghini will always be Lamborghini .

Let`s talk motorcycles . When Harley-Davidson was founded there main focus was speed . And that`s all that remains .And if I hear any objection on safety , ask Volkswagen why every 5 years or so recalls there cars for a safety check .
From light bulbs to neon and now LED there is no new innovation in my opinion . And that that evolves remains only a prototype to be shown in an EXPO like this around the globe .
But once in a while, there comes a manufacturer like Tesla that brings innovation to the market . Now Audi in collaboration with Airbus has shown us that drones are a nearby impossible but incredible future .
Imagine a car that can become airborne and more .

But to my dissatisfaction , in all the park I didn`t find my favorite car . That being the Renault Sport Spider , which I think is a shame . Even if the car is not rated as a supercar , the design on this one made me fall in love with her . But the new Mercedes AMG GT R shown an improvement over the past SLS in technology , but honestly not in design .

Range Rover went ECO with there hybrid models and McLaren arrived with a model that in power can be compared with the famous McLaren F1 .

But the cars were not the only thing that mattered in this EXPO . Buses from all around Italy came and people were united and spoke the same language . HR Power . You were either from Italy , Romania Albania or Russia , the only thing that mattered was your camera and the cars . And the girls of course .

Asking questions around I understood that if I wanted to learn more about the car it was easier to ask for a pamphlet than asking them about the cars .

But at least I finally found a new love of my life until we will break up . The new Fiat 500 . I mean I loved this car when it first arrived , but now , I think I`m gonna ask her out .


For those who haven`t had the opportunity to see the EXPO here are some pictures and a link .

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