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The Age Difference In A Relationships


The Age Difference In A Relationships

You know it`s awkward sometimes when you go out with your friends and you`re talking about work , business plans , your loan application for a house and when somebody at the table asks your girlfriend how was her day she responds politely , it was good . I made new friends at school today .
I mean honestly , the younger they are the cuter they are . Your 28 , who doesn`t want a 19-year-old girlfriend . But there’s a problem . She doesn`t use you  as a boyfriend , more like a father figure . I mean when you`re out with your friends she stares and listens fascinated about all the new stuff she hears, bank statements , law decrees and much other .
And when you go out with her friends they just stare at you and from time to time one asks a question and then stays stupid .
But the sex is good . If you fuck a 30-year-old woman she knows what she’s doing , shell fucks you till you cant move the next day , but with a young woman , you`re in controle . And it`s sweater too. You have emotions , kisses , and then she just lays in your arms until you both go to sleep .
But unfortunately, it rarely works out . People have needs . And just how you passed your time doing school work , travel, and all the experiences , it would be unfair to put here in a situation where she can`t have these options .
Then there’s the cheating . Please tell me that neither of you has cheated at least once in this kind of relationships . You just get bored and want something new . More exciting . For you a woman and for here a cool kid that all the other girls wants or fucked . It`s not your fault . It`s DNA . Don`t Deny Aspiration .
And if you stay together , bravo , if not , I don`t know why you become mortal enemies . I mean , from here . Advice . Don`t even try to play here games . You`re to tired and her the kid remember . Who plays better ?

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