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The Stay At Home Boyfriend


The Stay At Home Boyfriend

When you’re in a relationship for long enough , at one point you start to get bored . Fucking is the only thing that remains to do and get drunk does days when you manage to escape from home . Even with money , there`s nothing left to do . You meet with your friends from time to time , play some group games , Monopoly , Ouija, and others , but it`s not enough .

Always fighting , for whom brushes there teeth first , what to order to eat or just cook , who cooks or if its a happy day when you both cook and have a little fun , some jokes and prank , splashes of water and stuff .
But you can`t take it anymore. It’s all the same . Same routine , same stuff , same things , work , school , or if you can afford the disaster and work from home , even the space is delimited . Both of you have there owned square meter .

And that’s the situation I`m in now . I work from home and everything is just loud talk , yelling and throwing things . Even the things I love , for example, I have an online flower shop that makes the income , this blog that I use to calm myself and more like a hobby and if that’s not enough , I`m starting my own T-Shirt brand and store plus the expansion from online to stores on the flowers .

Luckily I can evade a little when I start travelling again for work porpuses and start beginning building the other ventures .

As for her , her part-time job as a call center operator isn`t keeping me sane . When she comes home I just woke up , and the routine starts .
But you know how they say . All for the best !

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