The Women

The Stupid I Know It All Girl !


The Stupid I know it all girl !

She’s perfect . And if you say the opposite she will find a way to prove you wrong . Even if she has to turn a black hole in a pink one .
Lets say for example you go out . For a drink , a pizza or just a walk in the park . Upon exiting the house she says 3 things .
1. The Option ! 4 PM
-Babe , let`s take the highway , its much faster .
– But it`s rush hour , it`s 6 PM . Well get stuck in traffic .
– Yes but the analysis says that taking the highway is much fuel efficient , plus it`s faster .
2. The Promise .
– Ok babe , wanna get a cup of coffee before we go out . You know today they said on the news that the new European Legislation on ATM and Credit card withdrawals and privacy issues enters in motion at 5 PM . So we better go out and make a cash withdrawal now before the ATM`s are empty or they broke them .
– But I`m not ready , and you really believe what the TV says , or all the emails that we got or that Google changed it`s image to SEPA or how it`s called law . ATM`s always have money . That’s why I have 6 cards .
-I don`t see how you’re 6 credit card would help us .
3. The 2+2 Equals 5 Situation !
-Ok , let`s go ! It`s almost 5:15 Pm ! We need to go …
-Just a minute , I need to find my purse .
-Which one ?
-The one that I`m gonna wear tonight , of course .
-What color is it ?
– It`s Clear Cream 🙂
-OK . I found 5 cream ones in the drawer .
-No , it`s not does .
-It`s a more highlighted cream . Like Vanilla .
-Found it . Did you took Bella out ?
-Who`s Bella ?
-Our Dog …
-We have a dog . Ohh yes I did “Hope she shits in your shoes “ an hour ago
-Ok , lets go !

We walk to the car , start and go . The highway honey . Yes but first we need to make a withdrawal . There`s one . No money . What did it say . That the system is loading . Odd ! There another one . Cash withdrawals aren`t possible because they are current in review and the ATM`s are empty . No cash withdrawal is possible . How could this be possible , they always have money and working . I told you that this would happen . We can always pay by card . Ok . But we need some money . What happens if we get a flat tire ? Well figure it out .

I told we should have got out of the house an hour earlier this wouldn’t happen . Don`t rush me . I stood there for 3 hours and we had a day notice . Fuck you ! We did that this morning , and honestly, I`m no longer in the mood . Fuck you . Ok . But can we do it after we meet with our friend and eat something? Pig .

It only took you one hour earlier to get ready . Why ? Why would you do this . You know what ! Nobody rushes perfection ! I dought that ! I was perfect when I was born , my first grade was a 10 and I was perfect one hour before you . So what ? ********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
It was a long conversation . We took the highway , and arrived 1 hour later . God bless my iPhone and fuck here Samsung .
Upon meeting with our friends , HI ! What took you so long ? I had to take the dog out , and she shits like crazy ! Are you stupid ? How can you talk to these people like this ? These people ? Tell me you’re not referring at Mathaus . I know his German , but his still our friend .
No I mean how can you say that our dog does that ?
Ok , I`m gonna tell you the trough . I didn`t take the dog out . But don`t worry , she only shits in here shoes when she can`t hold it .
Mother fucker ! Forget the promise for tonight . Onestly we already fucked this morning and I`m no longer in the mood .
Good Night .
This post is based on real facts , and on real persons .

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